Commissions and collections

Commissioned works of art for, among others, hospitals, residential centres and companies. The paintings and wood sculptures have been included in corporate and private collections in Europe, the United States and Japan.

A selection of clients

Allianz Insurance Company, Johannes Hospitium Wilnis, SVLG Purmerend, Esdégé Reigersdaal Heerhugowaard, Wooncentrum Nieuw Unicum Zandvoort, Kinderdagverblijf Hannie Schaft Haarlem, various private individuals.

For descriptions of the commissions, click Commissions

A selection of exhibitions in museums

Japanmuseum Sieboldhuis Leiden, Museum Opsterland Friesland, Archeological museum Haarlem, Flower Art museum Aalsmeer.

A selection of exhibitions at galleries

Gallery Année Haarlem, Galerie Vromans Amsterdam, Galerie and sculpture garden Dehullu Gees, Galerie Toddeties Amsterdam, Galerie Esra I Antwerp, Galerie Hamer Amsterdam, Cabalus Vézelay France, Kunsthuis Secretarie Meppel, Galerie Leidse Lente Leiden

For the complete list of exhibitions click Exhibitions

A selection of participation in Art fairs

KunstRaï Amsterdam, Open Art Fair Utrecht, Prima Vera Art Fair Rotterdam, Grote Kerk Alkmaar, Galerie Sous Terre Aalsmeer

A selection of projects

Project Delft Blue at the Haarlem Archaeological Museum, International art project Cage d’ oisseaux in Cabalut France, Art project jubilee SVLG Purmerend, Outside wall painting at the Hannie Schaft day care centre in Haarlem, The travelling painting, Happy Bee Landscapes at the Opsterland Friesland museum, Ontmoet je wilde zelf by diverse artists, Sanoma Uitgeverij auction for charity, posters and art cards Stichting Emaniya for charity.

For descriptions of the projects click Art projects

A selection of publications

Art book Een fantastische wereld Lenie Kamstra, various interviews and reviews Haarlems Dagblad, Leven Magazine, publication Cage d’oisseaux, Sanoma Publishers, Allianz Catalogus, publications by art historians, Kunstgids Nederland, Kunstgids Amsterdam, various national daily and weekly magazines, publications by Japan Museum Sieboldhuis, publications Museum Opsterland

For a detailed list of publications and some PDF’s: Publications

Affiliated with

BOK Professional Organization for Artists
Artvision Noordwijk, Bureau for art advice and mediation
Artleader, Art Gallery
Kunstlijn Haarlem
Saatchi Art, Online Art Gallery


1990 – present Visual artist. Disciplines: painting, wood sculpture and graphics.
1990 – present Teacher in painting. Courses and workshops for individuals and companies
1993-1997 Advising functions in the health care sector: also chairman of the art committee.
1981 – 1993 Various functions within primary and adult education


1978 – 1981 Pedagogical Academy. Specialisation painting
1981 – 1990 Painting lessons and master classes by various artists.
1981 – 1983 Art Academy Sassenheim
1984 – 1986 Study of Art History, Art Historical Centre Amsterdam
1991 – 1992 Professional orientation and contemporary art history, Artscript Amsterdam