Number of available clay tablets in this series: 4
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clay tablet

Ornamental grasses and berries acrylic and black clay

Hidden in Clay

Prints of lavender, rowan, twigs, ornamental grasses, dahlia buds, forsythia, camellia, ivy berries in white, red and black clay, painted with acrylic and partly finished with cast resin.

I was inspired by an article about clay tablets with cuneiform script, discovered by Dutch archaeologists in Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria. The tablets with ancient stories and messages from thousands of years ago, inspired me enormously. I collected berries, twigs and flowers from my garden, pressed them into clay and then painted them with acrylic paint. My tablets tell the story of the seasons: the bright green and early colours of spring, the buds and blossoms, exuberant flowering and colours in summer, the dying of the leaves and bare branches in autumn and the silence of the winter.


Hidden in Clay consists of three series. The first series are square clay tablets of approximately 12×12 cm on wood. A second series includes tablets in various shapes and sizes with twigs, berries, lavender etcetera which are preserved in cast resin. The high gloss of the resin gives a nice contrast with the matte clay. Thirdly, there is a series of amulets and lucky pendants. For this jewelry I made prints in clay, painted them with acrylic and then completely cast them in art resin.

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