Number of available paintings in this series: 5
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Wild Flowers 6

Interior with Wild Flowers 6

Wild Flowers

For this series I used leaves, flowers, branches and berries from my own garden as a template and covered them with acrylic and spray paint. I wanted to ‘zoom in’ on the beauty of nature. To look at what’s nearby and what you so often pass by without seeing it. Sometimes they are recognizable shapes, but often it is just a print. It only indicates the atmosphere.

In using this technique there is often an element of chance in the process of creating the painting. A lot was created while painting. That is mostly my way of working anyway. I think the beauty of using spray paint is the suggestion, the layering and the atmosphere through the soft transitions.


From the series I had the following three works printed as  a Giclée. Through the use of highly pigmented and water-resistant inks, they are very durable and lightfast. They are printed on paper by Kunst Uitgeverij Re-Art in a very limited edition of 20 pieces and provided with a corresponding certificate. After printing, I gave each giclée some colour accents so that each one is unique.