Various assignments for organisations, companies and individuals.
Below a selection.


Allianz Insurance Company: Six paintings for relations.
Birdies 1 to 6, Acrylic on canvas, Size 90 x 90 cm.

Nicolette Brink, former curator of the art collection of ING, approached me for the third time for a commission for Allianz Insurance Company. After making silkscreens for Allianz in 2006 and 2010, they now wanted original paintings, exclusively for their customers. I chose the theme Birdies. All the paintings feature women in a special relationship with birds. The artworks were also published in a beautiful art catalogue.


Allianz Insurance Company: Silkscreen for business relations.
Dimensions 114 x 76 cm. (W x H)

Brink Kunstzaken asked me to make a large silkscreen for the art catalogue that Allianz publishes for their customers. The silkscreen Coney Island Melody is made in an edition of 50 pieces by me in close cooperation with printing office De Kunstzee in Abcoude.


Private couple from Cap ‘d Agde France: Artwork as a result of a commission in Wilnis.
Coney Island 13, Acrylic on linen, 140 x 100 cm. (W x H)


Johannes hospitium Wilnis: Artwork for consulting room.
Acrylic on canvas, Dimensions 140 x 100 cm. (W x H)

Again I was asked by the Johannes Hospital in Wilnis to make a work of art, this time for one of the consulting rooms. Starting points were: space, silence, earth and air, warmth, comfort, connection, transcending sorrow, being in the now.


Allianz Insurance Company: Silkscreens for business relations.

Brink Kunstzaken asked me to create two silkscreens for the art catalogue that Allianz publishes for its customers. Both silkscreens were produced by me in an edition of 40 in close collaboration with De Kunstzee printing company in Abcoude.


Johannes Hospitium Wilnis: artwork for meeting room.
Dimensions artwork 60 x 265 cm. (W x H)

The hospice asked me to make a design for a work of art in the quiet room/meeting room.
I took a text by Huub Oosterhuis as a starting point for this commission.  The poem is part of the artwork. The representation is made on a linen-covered wooden panel from ceiling to plinth.


Private couple in Haarlem: Artwork A beautiful day / The B machine.

An artwork, consisting of 24 panels on canvas, each measuring 20×20 cm. Title A beautiful day, about their boat called The B machine. I wrote a poem that describes the image on the artwork.

The B-machine

It’s a beautiful day
we sail
collect treasures
fragrant flowers
and coloured houses
climbing on top of a tree
sun and moon
we see
a birdie flying away
it was a beautiful day

L.K. 2001


Esdégé Reigersdaal Heerhugowaard: Wooden triptych for sanctuary / church hall.
Acrylic on linen on wood.
Dimensions total 270 x 115 cm. (W x H)

For this residential centre for people with disabilities, I was allowed to design and execute a large artwork. It had to be suitable for various uses. For this I chose the form of a triptych. On the inside, the creation story is depicted in a stylised way. When the shutters are closed, day and night can be seen.


New Unicum Residential Centre Zandvoort Artwork silence centre
Dimensions 100 x 250 cm. (W x H)

A work of art on a large wooden panel for a silence centre. The theme of life and death was represented as universally as possible because of the diversity of religions, backgrounds and cultures in the residential centre. Elements from the artwork were also used for a logo and the design for a Christmas card.

Johannes Hospitium Wilnis Kunstwerk for consulting room
Allianz Verzekeringsmaatschappij. One of the 6 paintings
Interview catalogus for art assignment Allianz
Photo: Marie-Cécile Thijs
Coney Island Melody for Allianz Verzekeringsmaatschappij
Coney Island 13 commissioned by a couple in Cap d’Agde France
day & night
Triptych for Church hall Esdégé Reigersdaal Heerhugowaard